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Surf from home, anywhere!

Bring the security of your home network with you when surfing on public networks, and get access to your regional content and personal services when abroad.

Surf from home enables you to digitally be at home from anywhere in the world, extending the protection and functionality that your home network provides you to wherever you are, allowing you to surf worry-free.

With the press of a button, all apps and browsing will be communicating to the internet from your home, not from your current location, and all communication will be encrypted and secured, regardless of how little the user trusts the local network.

Surf from home will bypass local restrictions and present an online world that users are familiar with, so the functionality and language of all apps and content will be just as it normally is at home!


Connect with your secure home network from anywhere


Keep well informed with your trusted news and email services

Access your home media

Access home media without compromising security

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